Kira Bruno — President and CEO

Our Founder

President and CEO

Kira Bruno is the President and CEO of FORTIS Resource Partners and the founder of Kira Bruno Coaching & Consulting. She is a Gallup–Certified Strengths Coach for executives, women in leadership, recent college graduates and more in the Orange County area. With nearly 30 years of experience in the Recruiting Industry, Kira understands that truly successful staffing begins with a relationship–oriented, consultative approach with each client and candidate. Kira is passionate about giving back to her community; she has served on multiple non-profit boards, engages her company in volunteer service, and hosts a quarterly gathering of women to maximize awareness and participation with various non–profit organizations in Orange County.

Kaitlyn Clark

Area Manager of Staffing & Recruitment

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Kaitlyn Clark joined FORTIS Resource Partners in October of 2017. She has a unique approach that allows her to quickly identify the most qualified candidates for hard to fill roles at every level. Kaitlyn is passionate about helping others with their professional development. Kaitlyn is driven to achieve success for the clients and candidates she works with.

LeeAnn Mets

Area Manager of Staffing & Recruitment

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LeeAnn Mets joined FORTIS Resource Partners in February of 2017. LeeAnn is highly adept at creating lasting relationships that continue to benefit those involved long after the relationships start. She is truly passionate about recruiting and this passion has translated into success not only for FORTIS, but also for the candidates and clients she works along–side. LeeAnn's dedication to her role at our firm and to the partnerships she is involved in makes her an extremely valuable resource for any business that wants to grow and thrive.

Brooke Petropulos

Director of Staffing

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Brooke Petropulos, Director of Staffing & Recruitment, joined FORTIS Resource Partners in July of 2012. Utilizing her strong leadership and communication skills, she is able to source qualified candidates that match the client's cultural and technical hiring requirements. Through the development of strong relationships with both candidates and clients she gains a deep understanding of their individual desires and unique needs. The result is always helping the client or candidate achieve the ideal hiring match.

Alyssa Keys

Staffing Manager

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Alyssa Keys joined FORTIS Resource Partners in September of 2019. She graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. She enjoys connecting with new people and building meaningful relationships. Alyssa is motivated to help others find success and make the process an exciting, meaningful journey for all.

Anna Gadon

Staffing Associate

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Anna Gadon joined FORTIS Resource Partners in June of 2019. She enjoys meeting new people, creating relationships, and helping others. Anna’s strengths include Empathy, Consistency, Harmony, Developer and Positivity.