LeeAnn Mets

Staffing Manager

LeeAnn joined the FORTIS team in February of 2017 and has progressed from her role as an intern into a Staffing Manager position. She embodies the FORTIS values that really set us apart and make us so effective at what we do. LeeAnn is highly adept at creating lasting relationships that continue to benefit those involved long after the relationships start. She combines her natural ability to connect and relate with her keen business knowledge that she established while receiving a degree in Business Administration from Vanguard University. She is truly passionate about recruiting and this passion has translated into success not only for FORTIS, but also for the candidates and clients she works along-side. LeeAnn's dedication to her role at our firm and to the partnerships she is involved in makes her an extremely valuable resource for any business that wants to grow and thrive.

LeeAnn's innate ability to win others over is what really sets her apart from others in the staffing industry. Within the first ten minutes of meeting with her, you already know she is someone you would like to continue working with. So not only does she work tirelessly to deliver results, but she is also someone you will genuinely enjoy partnering with. You can't ask for much more than that when deciding who do to business with.

Some of LeeAnn's favorite things to do outside of the office are hike, go to the beach, travel, and spend time with friends and family.