Kaitlyn Clark

Staffing Manager

Kaitlyn joined the FORTIS team in October of 2017 as a Staffing Manager and is already making a positive impact for both the clients and candidates she works with. She is leveraging her extensive work with non-profit organizations and her degree in Family and Consumer Science from San Francisco State to identify the needs of clients and match them seamlessly with the perfect candidate. She has worked with organizations like Light-house for the Blind and the Boys and Girls Club which is a reflection of her passion for helping others. Not only does Kaitlyn enjoy recognizing the needs of others and helping to satisfy them, but she has turned it into an extremely valuable skill. This skill has been put to great use at Fortis and is already yielding results for clients and candidates.

Although she has many to choose from, Kaitlyn's greatest strength may be her ability to communicate extremely effectively. Not only is she able to formulate the perfect question to get to the core of what your needs are, she is also able to clearly verbalize those needs when speaking to the people that will help you fulfill them. The only thing that may outweigh her communication skills is her drive to achieve success for her clients and her candidates.

When Kaitlyn isn't working, she's probably volunteering her time at a local youth program. But when she isn't working or volunteering, she may be cooking, hiking, going to a concert, or just relaxing with friends and family.